How To Say Pangasius Fillet, Pangasius Cube And Other Pangasius Products In Vietnamese Language

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Tue, Jul 2 2019, 14:13 (GMT + 7)

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Today, we are going to share with you how to write Vietnamese words relating to Pangasius products. This way, you are ready to surprise your Vietnamese colleagues or suppliers. 😉 This also allows you to search better on Google Vietnam when you need to find some information or images. 

Our team usually has this difficulty in finding the exact words for a certain seafood product in other languages. Google translate is helpful but sometimes the words are not correct (at all), which quite confuses us (and you, we believe). 

And I thought to myself I could at least be a helping hand with seafood words and terms in Vietnamese. So I did!

Below are some pangasius products and their Vietnamese translation. Let's get started!

Frozen pangasius fillet

Pangasius well-trimmed fillets
Pangasius well-trimmed fillets. Credit: 

Cá tra phi lê đông lạnh is the word you need in this case; in which, "Cá tra" means "Pangasius", "phi lê" means "fillet". If you want to express only "Pangasius fillet", you can leave out the word "Frozen" corresponding with the word "đông lạnh" in Vietnamese.

For pangasius fillet, there are three different types, namely well-trimmed, untrimmed and semi-trimmed. Yet, we do not use Vietnamese words for such specifications. Therefore, you can use the English words and people would still understand.

So here are the full Vietnamese words for each specifications:

  • Frozen pangasius well-trimmed fillet: Cá tra phi lê đông lạnh well-trimmed
  • Frozen pangasius untrimmed fillet: Cá tra phi lê đông lạnh untrimmed
  • Frozen pangasius semi-trimmed fillet: Cá tra phi lê đông lạnh semi-trimmed

Frozen pangasius cube

There are two common Vietnamese names for this product. Let's find out what they are.
  • Cá tra cắt khối đông lạnh, in which, "Cá tra" means "Pangasius", "cắt khối" means "cut into cubes", and đông lạnh means "frozen".
  • Cá tra xí ngầu đông lạnh, in which, "Cá tra" means "Pangasius", "xí ngầu" means "dice", and đông lạnh means "frozen". This interesting name all comes from the shape of the pangasius cubes, which look like a dice.

In some cases, people simply use a half Vietnamese half English word like "Cá tra cube". It is still understandable. 

Frozen pangasius steak

It is called "Cá tra cắt khúc đông lạnh", in which "Cá tra" means "Pangasius", "cắt khúc" means "cuts or steaks" and "đông lạnh" means "frozen".

For common specifications of pangasius steak, you can always find out the information here.

Pangasius steaks
Pangasius steaks. Credit:

Frozen pangasius HGT

Pangasius HGT (Headless, gutted, tailless) is simply called "Cá tra HGT". This is the simplest and most commonly used word among Vietnamese people working in this industry.

There is also a more complex name for this product - "Cá tra bỏ đầu, bỏ tạng, bỏ đuôi", in which "Cá tra" means "Pangasius", "bỏ tạng" means "gutted" and "bỏ đuôi" means "tailless". This is not usually used so this is only for your reference. You should not use it. 

Pangasius HGT
Pangasius HGT. Credit:

Frozen pangasius butterfly 

Pangasius butterfly is a very typical item for the Chinese market. Its Vietnamese name is "Cá tra xẻ bướm đông lạnh", in which "Cá tra" means "Pangasius", "xẻ bướm" means "butterfly cut" and "đông lạnh" means "frozen".
Pangasius butterfly
Pangasius butterfly. Credit:

Frozen pangasius whole round

"Cá tra nguyên con đông lạnh" is used for this item. Similarly, "Cá tra" means "Pangasius", "whole round" means "nguyên con" and "đông lạnh" means "frozen".

Pangasius whole round
Pangasius whole round. Credit:

Summary of all the words mentioned above

English word
Vietnamese word
Frozen pangasius well-trimmed fillet
Cá tra phi lê well-trimmed đông lạnh/
Cá tra fillet well-trimmed đông lạnh
Frozen pangasius untrimmed fillet
Cá tra phi lê untrimmed đông lạnh/
Cá tra fillet untrimmed đông lạnh
Frozen pangasius semi-trimmed fillet
Cá tra phi lê semi-trimmed đông lạnh/
Cá tra fillet semi-trimmed đông lạnh
Frozen pangasius cube
Cá tra cắt khối đông lạnh/
Cá tra xí ngầu đông lạnh
Frozen pangasius steak
Cá tra cắt khúc đông lạnh
Frozen pangasius HGT
Cá tra HGT đông lạnh
Frozen pangasius butterfly
Cá tra xẻ bướm đông lạnh
Frozen pangasius whole round
Cá tra nguyên con đông lạnh

And this is the end of this post. We hope you find it helpful. We are glad to share such knowledge and information with you. Feel free to leave us a comment/ question and we will answer you shortly, or share this with your friends and colleagues.

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