Frozen Vietnamese Pangasius ปลาดอลลี่ - Favorite Choice For Importers In Thailand

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Sunday, Jun 30 2019, 13:16 (GMT + 7)

If you are doing some research before making your first import of pangasius fillets from Vietnam or also called ปลาดอลลี่ in Thai for local sale and distribution, especially to hotels, restaurants and catering service, we truly hope you would find some helpful information here.

Have you ever asked yourself what makes this pangasius fish so appealing to Thai importers? If you have, we would like to share our opinions on this for your reference. If you have different ideas or opinions, please share with us in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you. 😃

Diversified pangasius product forms

Pangasius comes in several product forms, mainly frozen fillets, cubes, steaks, HGT (headless, gutted and tailless) or whole round, offering Thai seafood importers many choices for their purchase. 

Diversified pangasius products
Diversified pangasius products. Credit:

Affordable pricing

Pangasius is undoubtedly among the cheapest white fish available for export around the world. Compared to cod - a wild caught white fish, pangasius's price is only a third lower than cod's. According to, as of May, 2019, wholesale price for pangasius was 3.71 USD/ kg while that of code was up to 9.50 USD/ kg. Pangasius price is also more competitive than tilapia - another kind of farmed white fish. The price difference may be up to 1 USD/ kg. Last May, 2019, the average export pangasius price to Thailand was about 2.17 USD/ kg. 

Suitable for several Thai dishes using fish

Pangasius fillets or cubes can be a great ingredient to many Thai or Thai style dishes, Thai sour fish soup, Thai coconut curry and Thai pan-fried fish to name a few. 
Thai traditional fish soup with pangasius
Thai traditional fish soup with pangasius. Credit: Pratumma

Sustainable supply of pangasius fish

As pangasius is widely farmed and a main export of the fisheries sector in Vietnam, its supply is secured with large farming areas along the Mekong Delta. Last 2018, the total farming area for pangasius was 5,400.00 hectares with an output of 1.42 million tons according to VASEP. You would not need to worry that your may run out of stock without knowing where to get your pangasius fish.

If you are aiming at supplying to high-end customers, you would be glad to know that pangasius products are also certified with International certificates such as BRC, IFS, BAP and ASC, which should help you meat strict requirements from your customers.

Quick delivery time

As the transportation from Vietnam to Thailand takes roughly 3 to 6 days, it is easy and convenient for Thai importers to plan their panagsius import from Vietnam. Average lead time for one 40 feet container of pangasius is around 4 weeks, which makes the totally waiting time for a Thai importer is just more than one month.

Proven reputation for pangasius since 1980s

The history of pangasius' journey from a locally farmed fish to an International commodity was all written from the late 1980s according to Last year, it was recorded to be exported to 132 markets. If this sounds a little too much for you, prepare to be surprised because in 2017, the pangasius fish was delivered to 137 markets around the world, according to VASEP (Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers).
Last May, 2019, the export volume of panagsius products (mainly pangasius fillets) from Vietnam to Thailand reached nearly 3,000 tons with an increase of more than 50% compared to the April export. This increase has showed clearly how popular thi fish has become in Thailand. This somehow assures you a ready market for your business. 

The import markets of Vietnamese pangasius in 2019 (in value)
The import markets of Vietnamese pangasius in 2019 (in value). Credit: VASEP

If you are interested in getting an offer for any pangasius products from Vietnam or just want to ask questions about a product, we would be glad to be at your service. Please feel free to email us or drop us a message anytime.

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